A double shift's coming up and I've been working from home all day and I'm gonna keep doing that once I get back home.

Found a super old picture👇


Don't let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

Today has been a good one by far! Daddy and I have been at Mercedes and test driven their new CLA which I'll buy quite soon. I'm so picky, especially when it comes to cars. I was considering Audi and BMW before I found this stunning car. Unfortinantely neiter of their fronts were to my satisfaction so I had to look elsewhere. I had almost given up hope untill I found Mercedes CLA model, I instantely fell in love, it really was love a first site!
The one and only downside with it is that it's not available in chock white. They can make me one though, but it's going to cost over 5000K and I do not know if it's worth such a big amount... But on the same time, why wouldn't it be, I'm after all going to buy a brand new car. Right now I'm considering one in silver but I truly want it in white so we'll see. Ha ha, not even the seller think I should go for the white one. Hm... 

Veggie burger💚