Dined in

Had an amazing dinner together with daddy! I made us wood steak with filé Mingong. Supertasty! I am now completely stuffed! I can hardly move.. I got to admit that being full like this is litterely awful, yet there're no one but myself to thank for it. I mean, I'm not very fond, walking around with the feeling that I'm about throw up. Must be the worst feeling ever! It's not that funny having problem moving eighter. Yet I think I might be able to put up with this shit, after all, it won't last forever. In only 20 minutes, I bet it will be all gone. 
Oh, something just grossed my mind that I have to tell you! I've lost further 1 kilo! Am I best or am I best?! Beyound proud!


getting late for those people who has their alarm set at 7:15. Yep you read it all right, 7:15 it is. That's when I take my morning walks nowadays even during the weekends. ''No pain, no gain.'' Tomorrow's is really going to be a well-needed one since I've eaten like a participant of the biggest loser today. 
This picture shows exactly how tired I am at this point.

If it ain't making me money, making me better or making me happy.. I ain't making time for it

Despite being displeased with a non-working car life kind of works. Mom and dad are the ones who gives me rides, like everywhere. That I'm thankful for! Niklas took a look at my car today (for you who might not know who that is, he's a friend of my dad who use to help us when for exemple our cars breaks-down), he believes, it may be the coupling. If he's right or not we're soon about to find out, already tomorrow if being lucky. But for right now it feels like eveything is abut to crash.
My phone turn itself off on and off and it also starts by itselfs. Completely whacked! Although I will get iPhone 6 plus in any time soon, yet it sucks very much. Therefor it's the same like by my car, I'm so f***ing indepentent of my phone to. And I need among other things for work. 
Today I've only worked, worked and worked. And I must do the same again tomorrow. Fun? Maybe not very much  but the day when you finally get paid, is quite fun. And besides I like to keep myself busy so I'm okey with that. I even work with a lot of other things on the side as I for right now can't talk about. But you guys will get to know any time soon. That I promise. Be patience.