Today I got kind of bummed.. A friend and I was going to have lunch at Wild West steakhouse BUT the moment we arrived there we were told that they were closed and that they were not going to serve any of their regular food until after Christmas! We were like WHAT THE F**CK! How am I supposed to survive? I'm already obsessed with their burger, have never in my life had a better burger, it was cooked to perfection.👌 

The only good thing about this is that I won't be gaining any weight, at least not from that place.😉 

Volume lashes!

I don’t get why people whatsoever use serum when there are a million different eyelash extensions? Makes absolutely no sens to me! Volume lashes are the very best beauty thing there is. One of the many perks by that are that you will not have to put on mascara, you can both sleep and shower without having to take them off. They are also staying on for a long period of time, up to FIVE months if you are lucky!
Now I’m off to Emma - my eyelash stylist to get mine done. She’s amazing! 

Sorry for the lack of blogging.

But every now and then I really don't know what to write... Sometimes I have a lot of ideas and sometimes I have zero like every other blogger. 

I'm going to try to start posting regularly again. I do love to write a lot and I absolutely love that my visitors have increased a lot!! What am I doing so good?! Maybe I'm just the best?☺️😉