About to go out for a sweet treat in Alingsås

Usually I wouldn't be bragging about such a small thing at all, but none can have missed how much I actually hates it here.. I am taking as many opportunities that I possible can to get out of here. Anyway, Today I am hanging with Filippa, the swede I met in NY. So fun that she and I still have contact. I mean, it used to be very easy to fall out of touch nowadays. Unfortunately. Luckily we did not!😊
Obviosly something happen when I tried to post this before, it didn't come up. Well well, we'd a great time and we will definately redo this anytime soon. And once again, I'm truly sorry for the lack of pictures on my blog. But I'm reallt trying. Okay! It's gonna be better, I can't just promise you guys when...


Made it home to my very beloved friend Nathalie hours ago. I just got lost twice when driving to her. It's was quite of a mess! Started out with that my phone died on my way there which resulted in that I had to make a stop at a gas station to charge it and also ask for the way, then I finally were able to head in the right direction. Such a relived when I finally saw the sign Borås. When I
 arrived we went out for dinner. Supertasty! 

Now I'm located in bed, about to sleep. Tomorrow I'll met up with Filippa, looking forward to that.❤️ 

This is how she looks when she cooks for me😂 such a great friend.❤️

11 pm

One can say that I really had a night in front of the tv this evening. I started off by watching swedish Hollywood wives followed by Not OK and ended it all by watching the latest episode of Revenge, O-M-G I can't even describe how good that show is, so damn thrilling!!! Those other programs are entertaining to watch, but nothing really compares to Revenge. Does it?