Not at all in love with these garments😍

I won't tell you where to find them. Yet. Since I'm too scared they'll run out. Anyhow, it's less than seven days to go till we get paied so I am dealing with it, think I can handle it.😉


10:00 PM

These pictures pretty much sums up my day. 
I got woken up by a text that said - "WORK TIME", got a 15-22 shift! So I was just getting gas, and made a quick stop at McDonald's to buy some salads before I started to work.
However I've been having such a great day by far and now it's less than 30 minutes to go before I go off. And I'm spending the very last minutes in front of the TV.😌 Aaand, I've been baking a sponge cake as well.

I somehow managed...

to shop up half my salary (12 000 SEK) on mostly impuls buys, I guess... Cause' I really don't know where all my money went. And there's no way I'm asking dad for money or making a withdrawal from my savings account NO NO NO! However I'll make do, I will have to live a bit stingy and put up with this for eight more days and never make the same misstake again.
Balance = ZERO.😂