About to go out for a sweet treat in Alingsås

Usually I wouldn't be bragging about such a small thing at all, but none can have missed how much I actually hates it here.. I am taking as many opportunities that I possible can to get out of here. Anyway, Today I am hanging with Filippa, the swede I met in NY. So fun that she and I still have contact. I mean, it used to be very easy to fall out of touch nowadays. Unfortunately. Luckily we did not!😊
Obviosly something happen when I tried to post this before, it didn't come up. Well well, we'd a great time and we will definately redo this anytime soon. And once again, I'm truly sorry for the lack of pictures on my blog. But I'm reallt trying. Okay! It's gonna be better, I can't just promise you guys when...