I'm exhausted! Woke up about an hour ago because I had to pi! Fuck it! And I was on my way straight back to sleep after if it haven't been for Sienna, she was woken also so I decided to have breakfast together with her and Vito. O-M-G. I'd like to take a nap but I don't think I can make room for a nap today because around 1 pm i'm going to the movies with my friendsand when coming home I do really have to studying for the test we are going to have monday morning... I like our new teacher very much, she's young, smart and fair. But she makes us to a lot of studying, a lot of grammar etcetra etcetra... But that's the reason we are here so I shouldn't be complaining... It's just that, that it was more relaxing when Larry was around. Ha ha lazy-girl.
Seven of all the pictures Sienna and I have taken.