Don't try to tell me that hungry is not an emotion because I feel that shit in my soul

Nothing has ever been more true.
Arrived home about an hour ago. Was at an old acquainted and had my lashes done. I'm super-pleased about how the result became. Job well-done Matilda! However, earlier I've been very skeptical against unreal things like. hair extensions and so on... Anyhow I can't even feel the lashes, feels like my one ones which of course is feeling GREAT! There's only one cons about doing this, the time, took forever. 
To talk about the caption, hadn't eat that much before I drove off, and the whole thing took the total of three hours and by the time she was done, guess who was STARVING! So as soon as we were done I headed home and made a stop at a gasstation, bought the probably most disqusting chocolate and sandwich. I'm disapointed in myself since I am doing just fine with my weightloss. Just felt so unnessesary. But if I hadn't buy it, I would probably fainted. Although I wouldn't mind trowing it all upp.