The culture questions?🇺🇸

I've never been interesed in culture. Exepct for food culture of course! Gotta love food! But that's another thing, has nothing do to with this post. For staying stick to the subject, which is culture, I have to say, things concerning culture doesn't really interests me at all. A lot of people keeps asking me why I haven't went seeing The Empire state building, The statue of Liberty etcetra etcetra... Even though my answer is quite simple. I so don't care! Although I care about seeing those things, I actually do. Yet I'm happy to see them from a distance. I would for example NEVER pay a lot of bucks just to go visiting The statue of Liberty. I wouldn't eighter pay an overprice to take the elevator up to the roof-top of the Empire state building. It doesn't give me a thing. And I really can't imagine why people does that. What matters is to see things from a distance (in my case) 
Forgot to mention that I have seen The statue of Liberty but that was only for my fathers sake when he was here visiting during my vaccation. It was such a dull experience and I was completely bored out there. But since my dad has a thing for culture I couldn't skip it for him. Couldn't I? He was beyond happy that he finally got to see French present for the United states.  And I tryed my best not to complain during our trip. He he he.